How do you know what you know?

I was at a pub quiz a few years ago, and my Husband asked me if I was sure about an answer I had given. ‘Yes, I said, it’s …’. ‘But how do you know?’ , he said, ‘I just do, I’ve known since I was about 6,’ I replied. He didn’t put the answer down and we  lost 2 points.  

So how do we ‘know’ what we know? How do you know what your name is? Maybe people have told you, and treated you as Sue or Mike. How would it feel if you were to wake up tomorrow and everyone called you Jen or Dave and insisted that was your name? It wouldn’t feel right. You ‘know’ your name You just do. It’s a truth. It’s your truth.

I know what I think.

We think we know what we think, but what we think can alter; over time, when we join different social groups, read a book or take in information, when we have insight, so thoughts are not truths. Even if you decide you are so sure about a thought, as soon as you speak that thought, it becomes a representation of what you think at that particular moment  as you were speaking, it’s no longer a thought, or a truth, it’s an echo. Just as that moment has gone, so has the thought. It’s like describing a flavour to someone as you eat something, once the food is in your mouth it isn’t there, and when you swallow, the flavours may linger for a moment, but then disappear.

Brush strokes.

Any thoughts we have on life are just interpretations, and everyone will have their own interpretation, or map of the world. Ask 100 people to draw the same picture and you will get 100 different drawings and interpretations. some may be similar, there may be broad groups, but they will all be different. Ask them about what matters to them, what they love, what drives them, and you will again get different answers albeit within broad categories. We are all different. And yet we are all the same. We are all atoms and energy, the formless going into form, and becoming formless and formed again. We all paint our own canvas in life.

So, how do we get answers?

Because we are all the same energy and have a primal link to the universal energy that makes our cells fire and life not only possible but happening, we are linked to the universal (or divine if you prefer) energy, and knowledge.  

There are 3 universal truths and these are knowings for everyone across the world when they are able to see them. These insights are the same across race and religion. Three pure truths. That’s all there are. That’s all there needs to be.

In future posts, we can see how we can develop the insights, instantly, quickly or slowly, depending on the individual, but we are all able to access those truths within us.

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