Hypnotherapy and NLP

The scope of what we can help with is so large and it is hard to pin it down to just a few categories, but let's have a go!

Please note- This is not medical advice and is intended for chronic condition management only. If you have any concerns about your health, please see your GP.


Do you want peace in your head?

Anxiety covers so many types of situations, and it’s a horrible state to be in, but you want the shaking, worrying, quivering, sick, heart-racing feeling to stop. 

Briefly, we look at the individual situations that stand out for you, and then do something which essentially takes the sting out of them.

So you can then look back later with objectivity and see them differently. 

And then we look forward and future proof the feelings you now have of calm in situations that might have caused anxiety before.

The relief can be so amazing.

When I took one pianist’s fear of performing away, she turned around to me and said incredulously – “But- how did you do that?” with the biggest grin on her face. But she did it, I just showed her how.

How you progress is of great concern to us, so we keep in touch. We’re always here for you.


So how do you do that, then?

This is a lovely one, and done in Hypnotherapy with NLP within it. 

Pain is an alarm, but often the alarm is never subsequently switched off by the subconscious. 

So, we get pain at a significantly higher level than needed, and/or way after the injury has healed.

Now pain is a good thing, it alerts us when something is wrong, so we never take that ability away.

But, we can turn down the perception of pain receptors when the injury has healed, however this is always safely, by negotiation.

Likewise, for many conditions like fibromyalgia, we can negotiate changes based on your individual symptoms as well as looking at where it is coming from.


A bit of a speciality-

Having got over a fear of public speaking and music performance anxiety myself, I can honestly say, this is what got me into NLP. Modelling excellence and how it is done, was how NLP was discovered and formed, but it is way more than that.

It is amazing to see people who couldn’t do something a day ago do it confidently and comfortably.

Now a little buzz of adrenaline is a good thing because it heightens our senses and puts us on our A game.  

But when it goes haywire, it’s agonising. Paralysing.

NLP can rewire your brain in terms of past events, as in anxiety, but it can give you more than that. 

 Firstly, in the use of various techniques that can aid you in centering and grounding yourself before and even during a performance.

Secondly, it can help you know you are going to make the shot.

The times that you’re just on fire and everything is easy and going well- that’s called ‘flow’. Moreover, NLP teaches you how to tap into that at will. 

Now that is a great skill to have.

Stuttering, Tics and more

Can you really relieve them?

There’s a strange thing about these conditions, because when people are in hypnosis, e.g they are completely relaxed and at ease, they often stop stuttering, or having tics. 

So, this means that we can work with the state they are in and expand the area of influence.

Sometimes, with some conditions, we can find out how they developed and rectify it, but regardless, we can use that state as a marker and negotiate a truce with the subconscious.

It turns the traditional approach on its head, but it brings relief for so many people. 

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Drug free relief

Have you tried everything?

No screens before bedtime, a cool room, total darkness, sleep masks, meditation, yoga nidra, no alcohol, a new pillow, a new mattress, blue screen blockers, grounding mats (tried them all)?

Whether it’s type 1 insomnia, or type 2 insomnia, Hypnotherapy and NLP are a great solution here. 

Type 1 is where you can get to sleep, because your mind may be whirring, or maybe you just can’t sleep, because you just can’t drop off. 

Type 2 insomnia is where you wake up in the night. So, it may be from light or deep sleep, but you can’t drop back off again.

And finally, there’s what I call type 3 insomnia. Because 1+2=3!, Thats what I had until I called in a hypno-friend.

I sleep soundly now.


Inner Conflicts, life event change management & the rest...

Just in case you hadn’t figured it out by now, NLP is incredible. And combined with Hypnotherapy- It’s even more amazing!

For example, when you’re in two minds about something, your subconscious can resolve it in your best interests- even when you can’t see the wood for the trees. 

So, your mindstate can be adjusted and refined, but always in keeping with your core essence – so- your values, your beliefs. 

You choose what you want to change and then your subconscious creates solutions that it is happy with for you, so you only ever agree something that you have created and are in favour of.

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