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What We Do


Use NLP for business success to get your staff back to work.

Over 15 million people live with a long-term health condition in the UK, and in 2019/20, the HSE reports there were consequently 32.5 million estimated working days lost due to work-related ill health.

Moreover highly trained staff are incredibly valuable to a business not only in day to day functioning, but in terms of precious assets that no business wants to lose for longer than they have to.

Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions, such as back pain, musculoskeletal pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety, can be successfully managed with NLP and hypnotherapy in a shorter time than standard therapies (Darrios 2019). 

Pain can be negotiated down to a safe but lower level, and anxiety can markedly diminish when the source emotions are reframed and the memories rewired. 

Also recovery from accidents and life events can be smoothed and facilitated. 

Remember- what we are offering is not the standard hypnotherapy.

It’s a magical blend of advanced techniques that is faster and more effective.

While we don’t suggest we can help everything (which would be ridiculous) you would be amazed at what we can help resolve. .

In conclusion

On condition that the staff member actually wants to get back to work and the condition is not acute (although we can support the emotions in dealing with acute conditions and dealing with chronic pain), we can consequently often help staff get back to work faster and more successfully than standard therapies.


Learn to manage and maximise your mindstate with NLP for business success!

Calling all Entrepreneurs! Say ‘NO!’ to overwhelm, ‘NO!’ to the scarcity of time, money, ability and ‘NO!’ to procrastination.

For instance do you want to embrace change and flexibility and move forward with a new mindstate? 

Secondly, do you want to be calm, confident, capable, motivated and creative.

Thirdly, do you want to discover how to roll with the waves that beset us all and be able to adapt and participate fully? 

Finally, in the landscape we are in, as it grows and develops and we grow and develop with it, do you want to find clarity through the maze of choices and decisions?

How it works

This is a 6 week program of group and individual coaching calls aimed at getting you in the best mindstate of your life for Entrepreneurial success and with a clarity and vision to take you forward. You will be supported by an ongoing Facebook group.

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I am well qualified and have trained with some of the best people around. I have been in the health space since 1990 fulfilling various roles, running a Natural Health Clinic, Nursing, managing Nursing homes, educating healthcare staff etc. My current role is purely supporting people to make the most of their mindstate and health so that they can flex and adapt and be the best that they can be going forward. All colleagues working for Ronan Coaching Ltd have the same standard of training and are monitored and assessed regularly.

Yes. Ronan Coaching Ltd is fully insured.

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