RESET and RESOLVE the stuff in your mind that doesn't serve you any more with Neuro Linguistic Programming coaching?

NLP coaching and RIT- Fast, Effective, Powerful.

neuro linguistic programming course


So what's this NLP coaching stuff anyway?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming coaching ) is a method of understanding how our words, thoughts and actions are all connected. So clearly, the way we communicate with ourselves and others, impacts our minds, behaviours and beliefs.

By using certain strategies and techniques, NLP coaching can help people make significant positive changes in their lives, for example, by adjusting their thought patterns.

Moreover, the brain is highly neuroplastic; far more than we ever realised, consequently we can use NLP and hypnotherapy to rewire the brain.

For instance we can turn chronic pain down, take the pain out of memories, resolve phobias, turn up motivation- in addition, it must be remembered that this is all with the agreement of the individuals subconscious.

Join a Neuro Linguistic Programming course and discover for yourself. c


And the RIT hypnotherapy thingy?

RIT (Rapid induction technique) is a kind of faster, non-fluffy hypnotherapy- don't panic- no voodoo here!

So, it's a form of deep relaxation that allows your subconscious mind to come out and play, so therefore we can negotiate better outcomes that are more suited to our current needs.

The subconscious mind always wants to keep us safe, that's its job, but sometimes it is a bit overprotective, for example, carrying on a fear or safety behaviour on, even though the risk has gone.

And the best thing - we can nest the two together - so NLP inside hypnotherapy simultaneously, which consequently gives us one very powerful effective therapy for fast results.

Try Neuro Linguistic Programming coaching and RIT and you will benefit from the best combination there is.

You deserve to be the best you can be, and we can up your game!


Qualified & experienced- here to help you.

I have over 30 years experience in the Health and Wellness field and have trained with undeniably some of the best practitioners and teachers of NLP coaching, hypnotherapy and the 3 P's.

Moreover, I can guarantee you will be front and centre of any session you have, and so your emotional and physical safety, no matter what your conditions are will be of paramount importance.

So this is about getting you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

In essence, giving you the building blocks for a better, happier, more productive life, so you can have better relationships and the best health you can have, emotionally and physically. NLP and RIT work together to help you achieve this. Furthermore the 3 Principles (3 P's) work takes you into a different, fascinating, more philosophical approach to finding your innate wellness.


Be extraordinary!

The most valuable thing a small child has, without a doubt, is curiosity.

This is how they learn so much and grow their minds and personalities so rapidly, however as adults, we lose it and undeniably like to hold on to habits and routines.

'You can't teach an old dog new tricks' we say, but actually science has proved that wrong, and here at Ronan Coaching, that is what we do . Every day.

Consequently, by being curious, you can change how things are for you. And, by doing something different, you correspondingly become different; You 2.0.

So- still you, but with new knowledge and more importantly, new ways of being, new ways of feeling and new ways of responding. Finally- You, but you with exciting new outcomes.

All this is possible, with NLP coaching , RIT and the 3 P's.


The movies have had great fun with portraying Hypnosis falsely- It makes a good plot line, but, thats not the reality and it hasn’t done anyone any favours. 

You can’t get stuck in a trance, moreover, you can’t be made to do anything you wouldn’t want to- you are aware of what is going on at all times. 

Those folk on a stage show that cluck like chickens? Deep down, they are up for a giggle  when asked, and are willing to play the fool for a laugh. Even if they regret it later! 

Clinical or therapeutic hypnotherapy is not like that. We adhere to a strict code of ethics.

Of course it depends what issues and how many things you’d like to approach .

 With Ronan Coaching, on an individual basis, you are looking at around 3 sessions per issue such as a phobia or performance anxiety. With Neuro Linguistic Programming and RIT or the 3 P’s- It doesn’t matter.

Obviously, like everything, it’s always going to be individual to you. It’s a block price, so you know what you are paying upfront, and there are different ways to pay. 

We don’t do the whole ‘just a few more’, ‘just a few more’ sessions, thing here. 

Finally, the price will be calculated after we have had a discovery call to map out the things you’d like to approach during your sessions.

 Group coaching courses are usually around 6 sessions.

You have a free discovery call, and are given the price at the end of it after we have discussed what you’d like to work on.
 If there is any homework to do (don’t all hide!) then that is included in the price.

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